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@Barney poolt muudetud. Kõigile kasutamiseks.

nebu22.png.58c6765e11acf316d59d199ee4328dd6.png  By @snow & modified @Barney poolt

nebuesimenetransa.png.7b5ec82ec26d2a1039400084514b95d2.png   By Nebulos Gaming & modified @Barney poolt


Meie projektid:
Image Host: https://img.safara.host/
Server Host: https://client.safara.host/
Nebulos arhiiv: https://forum.nebulos.net/
DCITY Discord: https://discord.gg/RC9AQpVfnT
Nebulos Discord: https://discord.gg/WzZABYYWyt
TS3 Server: ts.nebulos.net

Rust: rust.nebulos.net
Minecraft: mc.nebulos.net
SA-MP: gta.nebulos.net

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